S'portable® 9" LED Tabletop Scoreboard


Our biggest tabletop model works for most indoor and outdoor sports.

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Ideal for a myriad of sports, indoors or out, this multisport scoreboard will provide you with incredible visibility, exceptional usability, and ongoing functionality thanks to its rechargeable battery. No matter what sport you’re playing, this board will highlight exactly what’s going on and lends versatility to gamekeepers no matter what situations may rise.


  • Board Dimensions: 48”W x 24”H x 8”D
  • Time Number Height: 6”
  • Score Number Height: 9”
  • Weight: 45 lb
  • Control panel included
  • Tabletop or freestanding
  • Use for baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, hockey, water polo, football, tennis, track, or timed workouts.

Our Biggest, Clearest Display

Incredibly large 9” H numbers, powered by individual LEDs, create a radiant scoring display that can be clearly seen from up to 300 ft away! Each LED is rated up to 100,000 hours, meaning you’ll never have to worry about misinterpretation of timing or scores due to defective bulbs or burnt out pixels. This is the biggest and brightest scoring display we offer!

For teachers seeking additional visibility and enhanced functionality, a wireless option of the S'portable® 9" LED Tabletop Scoreboard is available. The wireless option can be placed anywhere you need to display critical game information (independent of an AC outlet) and is quickly controlled with a wireless remote, making it possible to take control even when not standing next to the scoreboard. The interior rechargeable battery will restore itself each time the unit is plugged in.

Multi-Sport Usability

This is an ideal portable scoreboard for basketball, however it lends itself to a wide range of different sports thanks to its ease of use and ranging capabilities. Countdown and count-up capabilities give it standalone functionality when it comes to exercises and group activities, while game-specific accommodations are included for basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, hockey, water polo, football, and tennis.

Constructed of durable 22-gauge galvanized steel, there’s no fear of damage to the scoreboard no matter what activity it’s tracking. Stray balls and the elements (when used outdoors) won’t mar or degrade the housing of the clock and a powder-coated finish helps to protect against any major detractors that could render it useless over time.

Control the scoreboard with an optional wireless remote. Wireless Remote Control sold separately, but must be ordered with the scoreboard for factory installation. A dual power option is also available and allows operation on 110V AC and rechargeable battery power (includes charger).