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Basketball 12" LED Scoreboard
PC Scoreboards

PC Scoreboards

Basketball / Volleyball / Wrestling 15" LED Scoreboards
8' x 6' Football 15" LED Scoreboard
20' x 8' Football 15" LED Scoreboard
Soccer 15" LED Scoreboard
Hockey 15" LED Scoreboard
Sportable Indoor Mountable Shot Clocks

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Purchase a permanent scoreboard from Gopher Sport that’s easy to see from across the court or field!

Let players and PE students easily track the score at a glance using large scoreboards. The bright LED numbers are also easy to see by teachers, coaches, and spectators in any light.

Multipurpose boards are ideal for gyms where several sports will take place. We also have options that are dedicated to specific sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, and hockey. All are easy to control with a remote.

Shop for permanent scoreboards from Gopher!