All-Aluminum Bleachers

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Heavy-duty aluminum bleachers are perfect for any event, inside or out.

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All-aluminum bleachers for school gyms and outdoor fields feature anodized seats and welded-aluminum framework for maximum durability and stability. Choose from single and double footboard options, with both styles constructed to support 120 lb per linear foot. Design includes non-marring floor protectors for wood gym floors.

Economical Durability

All-aluminum bleachers are a cost-effective, highly durable option for institutional use. They offer a similar stability to steel units, without the extensive heft and additional cost that comes with steel. Bleachers feature 10"W x 2"H anodized seat planks and a safe 8" rise with a 24" tread, and are constructed to support up to 120 lb per linear foot! They’re applicable for all ages and types of people.

Aluminum construction is also treated to prevent rusting, which makes these bleachers ideal for outdoor events, as well as swim meets.

Numerous Options

Single and Double footboard options make it possible to give your fans the accommodations they need when cheering for their team. Single footboards keep the overall weight of the bleachers down, while still giving onlookers a place to set their feet; double footboards completely cover the floor, making it possible to set down bags and other belongings without them falling behind the bleachers.

Choose from 3-, 4-, or 5-row aluminum bleachers based on the number of people you plan to accommodate at your events. Bleachers can be configured to fit as few as 18 onlookers (3-row, 9’L) or as many as 90 cheering fans (5-row, 27’L)! More rows also offer more possibilities for tiered seating, ensuring everyone has a birds-eye view of the game.

With 4 different lengths possible for your bleachers—9’, 15’, 21’, and 27’L—fully accommodating any sized crowd is easy. Outside, choosing a larger 21’ or 27’L option can maximize seating space and make upkeep easy. Inside, where space is limited, smaller 9’ or 15’L bleachers can offer room to configure seating based on area dimensions or available space.

Versatile Use

Use aluminum bleachers for school gyms and outdoor fields with ease! Their versatility is derived from their lightweight nature and reinforced strength: they’re just as at home in your gym as they are alongside your baseball diamond. Rust-proof, anodized construction allows them to be left in the field, while non-marring floor protectors keep your indoor gym flooring safe from marks and blemishes.

Bleachers are great for viewing any and all team sports. Position them indoors for basketball, swimming, volleyball, and others. Outdoors, they’re ideal for viewing baseball, soccer, football, and more.

Consult local and state safety laws for guard rail requirements.

Bleachers ship 48 hours after order is received by the manufacturer. Large orders (5+) ship within 5 days of manufacturer's receipt of order.

All-Aluminum Bleacher Options

All-Aluminum Bleachers are available with single or double footboards, with 3 row options, in 4 lengths. Assembly required. Truck delivery.

  • Single Floorboards
    • 3 Rows. 30”H x 5’D.
      • 9’L, 227 lb, 18 Capacity
      • 15’L, 245 lb, 30 Capacity
      • 21’L, 322 lb, 42 Capacity
      • 27’L, 420 lb, 54 Capacity
    • 4 Rows. 38” x 7’D.
      • 9’L, 227 lb, 24 Capacity
      • 15’L, 354 lb, 40 Capacity
      • 21’L, 500 lb, 56 Capacity
      • 27’L, 565 lb, 72 Capacity
    • 5 Rows. 45”H x 8’D.
      • 9’L, 290 lb, 30 Capacity
      • 15’L, 445 lb, 50 Capacity
      • 21’L, 635 lb, 70 Capacity
      • 27’L, 827 lb, 90 Capacity
  • Double Floorboards
    • 3 Rows. 30”H x 5’D.
      • 9’L, 182 lb, 18 Capacity
      • 15’L, 305 lb, 30 Capacity
      • 21’L, 400 lb, 42 Capacity
      • 27’L, 516 lb, 54 Capacity
    • 4 Rows. 38” x 7’D.
      • 9’L, 278 lb, 24 Capacity
      • 15’L, 444 lb, 40 Capacity
      • 21’L, 617 lb, 56 Capacity
      • 27’L, 716 lb, 72 Capacity
    • 5 Rows. 45”H x 8’D.
      • 9’L, 357 lb, 30 Capacity
      • 15’L, 565 lb, 50 Capacity
      • 21’L, 791 lb, 70 Capacity
      • 27’L, 906 lb, 90 Capacity