All-Aluminum Bleachers with Chain-Link Guard Rails

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Heavy-duty aluminum bleachers feature chain-link guard rails for added safety.

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All-aluminum guardrail bleachers feature anodized seats and welded-aluminum framework for incredible durability outdoors. Protective chain link fencing around the back and sides promotes safety and lends support to the frame. Constructed to support 120 lb per linear foot, bleachers come in 4 lengths and 3 rows for numerous accommodation capabilities.

Safe Construction

Thanks to their “caged” design, these safe bleachers for school baseball fields are the pinnacle in protection for your fans. Bleachers feature chain-link guard rails around the sides and back to offer additional stability to the structure, and to prevent onlookers from accidentally toppling over the side!

Guard rails extend 42" high and rejects the passage of a 4" sphere, which meets requirements to prevent high-velocity baseballs from endangering your crowd.

Bleachers feature 10"W x 2"H anodized seats and welded-aluminum framework for stability of up to 120 lb per linear foot, even when packed end-to-end with fans.

Numerous Accommodations

Choose from 3 different row options for your bleachers, based on the number of people you need to accommodate—4-, 5-, and 8-row options are available. The more rows, the more tiers of seating and the better view for onlookers as they cheer on their team.

4 length options are also available, offering more seating area on a horizontal plane. Pick from 9’, 15’, 21’, or 27’L based on your available space or anticipated viewership.

Standard and Premium models are available, based on the desired size and capacity of these bleachers. Standard model comes with single floorboards; Premium model features an added middle aisle with hand rail, double floorboards, and risers.

Versatile Use

Though they’re primarily designed for outdoor use, these safe bleachers for school baseball fields are also applicable indoors. They feature non-marring floor protectors to ensure you’re not leaving scuffs or blemishes on your wood gym floor. Outdoors, anodized aluminum construction prevents rusting or damage from inclement weather.

Aluminum guardrail bleachers are the perfect way to safely enjoy team sports! Position them indoors so fans can enjoy basketball, volleyball, swimming, and more. Outdoors, they’re right at home alongside soccer fields, baseball diamonds, football fields, and more.

Most settings will require a railing or fencing on bleachers with seat heights over 30" (4- and 5-row bleachers). Check your local requirements for bleacher safety. We can configure bleachers to meet any requirement. Call for details!

All-Aluminum Bleacher with Chain-Link Guard Rail Options

All-Aluminum Bleachers with Chain-Link Guard Rails are available in 3 row options and 4 lengths. Assembly required. Truck delivery.

  • 4 Rows. 38”H x 7’6”D
    • 9’L, 575 lb, 24 Capacity
    • 15’L, 791 lb, 40 Capacity
    • 21’L, 1013 lb, 56 Capacity
    • 27’L, 1390 lb, 72 Capacity
  • 5 Rows. 45”H x 9’6”D.
    • 9’L, 669 lb, 30 Capacity
    • 15’L, 912 lb, 50 Capacity
    • 21’L, 1189 lb, 70 Capacity
    • 21’L Premium, 1240 lb, 58 Capacity
    • 27’L, 1651 lb, 90 Capacity
    • 27’L Premium, 1505 lb, 78 Capacity
  • 8 Rows. 67”H x 15’6”D.
    • 21’L, 2705 lb, 112 Capacity
    • 21’L Premium, 2000 lb, 98 Capacity
    • 27’L, 3318 lb, 144 Capacity
    • 27’L Premium, 2450 lb, 130 Capacity