Fiberglass Stackable Benches

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Lightweight, unaffected by moisture, and easy to store.

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Quickly setup seating when you need it, where you need it, and when the time comes to put it away, stack these benches up neatly for safekeeping. There’s no beating these portable benches for easy storage in schools! Use them indoors or out with confidence, and trust that you’ll never have to maintain them. 7 color options help you keep classes organized or match your school colors.

Portability and Storage

Stop dealing with numerous folding chairs or trying to store rolling bleachers. These stackable benches provide seating for multiple students while also being lightweight enough to pick up and carry away to storage. In storage, benches stack atop each other for consolidated storage until they’re needed once again.

Use stackable benches in gymnasiums, natatoriums, locker rooms, multi-purpose areas, hallways, and anywhere you might need convenient seating for a specific period of time. Holes on each bench make it possible for students and teachers alike to get a grip on benches, pick them up, and carry them away—they only weigh 33 lb!

Maintenance-Free Design

With no moving parts and a simple, no-frills construction, you’ll never have to worry about these benches breaking down or losing their effectiveness. Fiberglass construction also means they’re unaffected by moisture, scratch resistant, and ready to withstand institutional use.

Benches measure 72"L x 15"W x 18"H and stack seamlessly atop each other for compartmentalized storage in closets and sheds.

A Bevy of Colors

Choose from 7 different color options to complement your school’s colors and create an aesthetic that blends neatly with the surroundings. Different colored benches also promote organization in schools—especially with younger students. Have students sit on different colored benches, then call a color to have students dismissed or for their turn at an activity.

Fiberglass Stackable Bench Options

Fiberglass Stackable Benches are available in 7 colors. Truck delivery.

  • Black
  • Royal
  • Navy
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Red