Permanent Aluminum Benches

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Heavy-duty construction and superior quality create an ideal aluminum bench for sports fields at schools!

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Trust that this aluminum player bench will stand up to the elements, while also keeping your players comfortable all season long. Heavy-duty construction is perfect for institutional environments. 

Superior Construction

This permanent bench exudes institutional quality and durability through the steadfast construction it offers to players. Sturdy, anodized aluminum-alloy seating surface and heavy-duty galvanized-steel legs ensure long-lasting resilience against the elements. Benches won’t waver or sag under the weight of your whole team, giving you peace of mind in their ability to hold up over the years.

The hardware used to mount and secure benches into the ground is also equipped to stand true throughout the years. It’s galvanized to prevent rusting or oxidation, and is impervious to rain and moisture unlike lesser zinc-plated hardware.

2 Style Options

Choose from standalone flat benches or upgrade to benches with a backrest for maximum player comfort. Both models offer a reliable, convenient place for players to take a seat. A simple flat player bench allows students to take a seat and stand up from either side for maximum accessibility; benches with backs offer an increased level of comfort for players feeling winded.

Different Lengths

Both bench styles come in 4 different lengths to accommodate teams of all sizes: 6’, 8’, 15’, or 21’. Smaller lengths are most ideal for having multiple benches or for smaller team sizes, while larger benches are great for fitting the entire team and coaches. Coaches can install single larger benches or multiple smaller options to best fit the seating needs of their teams and visitor players.

Permanent Aluminum Bench Options

Permanent Aluminum Benches are available in 2 styles and 4 lengths. Assembly required. Truck delivery.

  • Permanent with Back. 38”w x 10”H
    • 6’L, 44 lb
    • 8’L, 80 lb
    • 15’L, 129 lb
    • 21’L, 173 lb
  • Permanent without Back. 18”W x 10”H
    • 6’L, 31 lb
    • 8’L, 51 lb
    • 15’L, 80 lb
    • 21’L, 105 lb