Steel/Aluminum Bleachers

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Heavy-duty aluminum and steel bleachers meet all current building codes and safety specifications and handle more load per linear foot than our aluminum bleachers.

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Heavy-duty indoor/outdoor steel-frame bleachers feature a strong hot-dipped galvanized-steel frame and extruded-aluminum seats, with single or double footboard options available. Constructed to support 125 lb per linear foot, they’re more supportive than All-Aluminum Bleachers, while still maintaining a simple, practical design!

Superior Construction

In addition to the heavy-duty aluminum used for classic bleachers, these strong bleachers for soccer fields are also reinforced with galvanized steel. The addition of steel lefts additional heft and stability to the units overall, while also dramatically increasing the durability and longevity of the bleachers. Galvanized steel is used as corrosion resistance, so bleachers can withstand the outdoor elements even more than purely anodized units.

Steel bleachers have 10"W x 2"H extruded-aluminum seats that are constructed to support 125 lb per linear foot, more weight per foot than aluminum bleachers.

Numerous Accommodations

With 3-, 4-, and 5-row options available to choose from, it’s easy to ensure everyone has a prime seat for your next sporting event. Tiered rows allow people to see the action from every level, and work to house more viewers in a more consolidated space. Seat as few as 18 people (9’L, 3 rows) or as many as 90 people (27’L, 5 rows)!

4 lengths also expand the number of people your bleachers are able to seat. Choose from 9’, 15’, 21’, or 27’L depending on your available space and application. Larger 21’ or 27’L bleachers are ideal for outdoor seating for baseball diamonds or soccer fields; smaller 9’ or 15’L bleachers are more suited for indoor spaces with limited square footage.

Versatile Use

Use steel bleachers indoors or out thanks to their simple, versatile design. Inside, floor protectors keep your gym floors fresh and free of blemishes. Outdoors, their superb design leaves them standing strong against inclement weather and heavy institutional use.

Consult local and state safety laws for guard rail requirements.

Steel/Aluminum Bleacher Options

Steel/Aluminum Bleachers are available in 3 row and 4 lengths options. Assembly required. Truck delivery.

  • 3 Rows. 30”H x 5’D.
    • 9’L, 230 lb, 18 Capacity
    • 15’L, 295 lb, 30 Capacity
    • 21’L, 490 lb, 42 Capacity
    • 27’L, 460 lb, 54 Capacity
  • 4 Rows. 38”H x 7’D.
    • 9’L, 270 lb, 24 Capacity
    • 15’L, 445 lb, 40 Capacity
    • 21’L, 610 lb, 56 Capacity
    • 27’L, 715 lb, 72 Capacity
  • 5 Rows. 45”H x 9’D.
    • 15’L, 560 lb, 50 Capacity
    • 21’L, 790 lb, 70 Capacity
    • 27’L, 965 lb, 90 Capacity