5-Gallon Containers


Ideal for transporting and storing balls, beanbags, or class supplies.

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Toss loose items in, quickly pick up the 5-gallon bucket, and be on your way! These durable plastic buckets will serve your storage and transportation needs, both indoors and out. Four colors make it easy to organize your equipment.

Storage, Transport, or Games

For beanbags, disks, golf balls, and beyond, a 5 gallon bucket is the ideal storage unit. Just big enough to store all of your smaller, loose items, yet small enough to be picked up and manually moved, buckets are a versatile solution that’s essential to any PE program. Keep buckets in storage and grab items as needed, pick up the entire bucket and move it to your activity area, or even use the bucket as a prop in your next class game: the options are limitless!

Great Durability

Made with a highly durable polyethylene material, you won’t have to worry about the toll of institutional wear and tear when it comes to these 5 gallon plastic buckets! Polyethylene can be easily cleaned when it gets dirty, is highly resistant to UV degradation, is impact resistant, and strong enough to absorb impacts without warping or cracking.

An attachable metal handle adds even more support to this already strong bucket, allowing the full capacity of the bucket to be toted around with ease.

Color Coordination

Four colors make organization easy when it comes to storing equipment or using these pails as props in throwing games. Put baseballs in red, golf balls in yellow, beanbags in green, and so on. For tossing exercises, make each color a different point value and challenge students to rack up high scores by attempting further and more difficult throws!

5-Gallon Container Options

5-Gallon Containers are available in 4 colors. 11-1/4”dia x 14”H

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue