All-Terrain Equipment Wagons

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The perfect outdoor playground storage solution for hauling equipment to the field or playground.

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Navigate any terrain and haul all of your equipment quickly and securely to and from storage! These equipment wagons will handle even the heaviest loads, in the roughest conditions without failing. Easy maneuverability and accommodating functionality offer amazing playground equipment storage, making them optimal for virtually any institutional use. 

Superiorly Durable Construction

Made of 100% powder-coated steel, the durability offered by this equipment wagon is unsurpassed. The frame will stand up to dents, dings, and rough terrain without showing signs of damage or wear and tear, and thanks to the powder coating, even the paint job will stay looking pristine for years to come! The powder coating also protects against rusting, making it safe to use this cart in all conditions.

This equipment wagon also features steel mesh sides and decking, lending the same supporting benefits at a fraction of the overall weight of solid steel. The mesh texture also works to provide added stability for anything being stored within the cart, keeping it in place when traveling over rocky terrain.

Rubber pneumatic wheels provide a supremely durable foundation for the entire wagon and are capable of bounding over just about any terrain with ease.

Easy Maneuverability

It’s easy to tow these wagons thanks to the foldable metal handle and padded gripping surface. Because the handle adjusts to the ideal towing height, students and teachers can pull with the least resistance and most control. When not in use, the handle easily folds into the bed, with a padded segment keeping metal from touching metal.

The front turning axel of the wagon is capable of making incredibly sharp turns, making this solution to outdoor playground storage perfect for tight areas. This highly responsive control also lends itself to safety—students moving the cart can quickly avoid obstacles or other students. The pivoting axel also eases the burden of pulling heavy loads, utilizing inertia and momentum rather than the strength of the puller.

Accommodating Capacity

With 400 lb and 1000 lb weight capacities, these carts are perfect for any playground equipment storage needs. Haul everything from activity balls to cones and beyond safely and securely within a 3 ft or 5 ft cubic capacity (based on cart size). Best of all, foldable sides make loading and unloading a breeze—the sides drop down to avoid the struggle of having to lift equipment up and out of the cart.

All-Terrain Equipment Wagon Options

All-Terrain Equipment Wagons are available in 2 sizes. Wagon color may vary.

  • 400 lb Capacity, 34”L x 18”W x 18”H, 42 lb
  • 1000 lb Capacity, 53”L x 26”W x 24”H, 59 lb