Heavy-Duty Shelving

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Incredibly strong metal shelving that's versatile and convenient.

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When you require the most durable, most resilient, highest weight capacity shelving for your equipment, only Heavy-Duty Shelving will do. With 3 adjustable shelves and a top and bottom shelving base, you can store just about anything in your equipment closets with confidence.


  • Shelving measures 48”W x 72”H x 24”D; 102 lb
  • Polycoat Laminate Shelving has a capacity of 1000 lb per shelf (5000 lb total)
  • Particle Board Shelving has a capacity of 800 lb per shelf (4000 lb total)
  • Assembly required

Superior Durability

While bins, baskets, and footlockers may bear the weight of whatever is being stored within them amiably, you’ll need a reliable, heavy-duty set of shelving to hold all of these things collectively! Both Polycoat Laminate Shelving and Particle Board Shelving units are ideal for this task, supporting 5000 lb and 4000 lb of equipment, respectively.

Polycoat Laminate Shelves are made with a black laminate that resists moisture and corrosion, meaning shelves will never warp or compromise, even when exposed to the elements. Inherent durability allows each shelf to support up to 1000 lb of equipment spread out evenly across the plane, giving you ample opportunity to store boxes, baskets, totes, and more accordingly. A lipped edge prevents items from sliding off.

Particle Board Shelving offers a more lightweight approach to shelving that’s also ready to accommodate heavy loads. Each wood shelf supports up to 800 lb of equipment without faltering, giving you the peace of mind you need for long-term storage of heftier equipment.

Both models are supported by a powder-coated gray steel frame that’s quick to assemble and resistant to all forms of abuse. Shelves adjust in 1-1/2” increments on the frame.

Accommodating Storage

With such high weight capacities and the resilience that comes with each construction, it’s possible to safely store a myriad of items on these industrial shelving racks. Place fully-loaded totes, boxes, bins, and footlockers on lower shelves to keep them off of the floor. Add quickly accessible baskets to mid-tier shelves for instant accessibility to your more commonly used items. Or, store miscellaneous objects like cones or duffels on the highest shelf to keep them organized, yet still accessible.

Because this shelving layout acts as an organizational tool for your various smaller storage devices, it’s the ideal solution to compartmentalization and organization for your storage space.

Heavy-Duty Shelving Options

Heavy-Duty Shelving is available in 2 styles. Truck delivery.

  • Particle Board Shelving
  • Polycoat Laminate Shelving