Magnus™ Ball Master Racks

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Our largest capacity ABS ball cart, available in two convenient sizes.

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Tiered, double-wide storage racks accommodate virtually any type of activity balls, making this a standard in playground ball storage! Durable ABS plastic construction ensures it will not compromise under institutional duress, while its lightweight design and ball-bearing casters make mobility simple. Comes in 3- and 6-tier options, with indoor or outdoor wheels.


  • ABS plastic construction
  • Reinforced plastic joints add strength and stability
  • Lasts longer than PVC!
  • Assembly required

Instant Access and Organization

A tiered, double-sided shelving display of either 3- or 6-racks makes it possible to quickly organize, display, and store either 42 or 88 balls for convenient class use. Separate ball types by tier or by side to create distinction when organizing for storage, or utilize the entire rack for the same ball variety for a quick solution to a unit-specific focus.

Because you can see and grab balls from either side of the cart, you can easily prevent crowding when it comes time for class to start. Position the rack in the middle of the gym floor or out on the playground, lock the wheels for stability, and let your students pick the ball they want to use. 3 or 6 tiers also make it easy to grab balls at different heights, allowing even more students to quickly pick their preference.

Each tier of this playground ball storage rack is accommodating of a variety of balls, including basketballs, soccer balls, dodgeballs, volleyballs, and more.

Lightweight, Durable Design

ABS plastic is a step up from PVC plastic in durability, flexibility, longevity, and resilience, making it a perfect material to stand up to the institutional wear and tear that befalls most ball carts. The durable plastic frame is complemented by reinforced joints that secure high-stress areas to prevent dilapidation over time. And, with no exposed bolts or connecting pins, there’s no risk of harm to balls or students!

Because it’s so lightweight, this rack is easily transported to indoor or outdoor play areas via a U-shaped handle. For Indoor models, four 3”dia swivel locking casters provide optimal maneuvering through doorways and around tight corners. All-Terrain models feature two 10” all-terrain wheels and two 6” swivel casters that combine ruggedness with control across any outdoor surface.

Magnus™ Ball Master Rack Options

Magnus™ Ball Master Racks are available in 2 sizes, in Indoor and All-Terrain options.

Full-Size. Stores 84 balls.

  • Indoor, 69-1/4”L x 19-1/2”W x 76-1/2”H
  • All-Terrain, 70”L x 26”W x 79-1/4”H

Compact. Stores 42 balls.

  • Indoor, 69-1/4”L x 19-1/2”W x 39-1/4”H
  • All-Terrain, 71”L x 26”W x 41-3/4”H