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Magnus™ KidKart™ Storage Carts

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Children easily maneuver and access equipment on kid-sized PE ABS carts.

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Measuring 10” lower than all other Magnus™ playground equipment storage carts, this option works great with younger students. From balls to hoops and beyond, all equipment is at eye-level or lower, presenting a non-intimidating way to quickly grab and go, or teach organization at a younger age. Durable ABS plastic construction and 2 models—Indoor or All-Terrain—meet the demands of your play environment.


  • ABS plastic construction
  • Reinforced plastic joints add strength and stability
  • Lasts longer than PVC
  • Twice the thickness of other ABS plastic carts
  • Perfect for institutional settings
  • Assembly required

Multipurpose, Accessible Storage

Everything your younger students need to have fun will easily be at their disposal, at a level that’s comfortable and accessible to them!

The top of the rack holds 10 sports balls in a double-wide space-saving capacity, preventing crowding at the cart by offering a two-sided approach. Students can easily see balls the top of the rack from a distance and can pick the option that’s right for them.

Below this rack you’ll find 6 Rainbow® baskets, offering a color-coded approach to organization and the ability to transport and store miscellaneous objects. Baskets can quickly be removed and loaded or placed independently of the cart for versatile storage and distribution.

Finally, 2 hooks on either side (4 total), offer a convenient way to transport hoops and jump ropes without tangling or bending them.

The entirety of this playground equipment storage cart is geared towards unparalleled organization, to make it easy for younger students to get the equipment they need, as well as teach them the benefits of organization at a young age. Better organization means more play time and activity equipment that’s kept in better condition for longer.

Supreme Durability

Our ABS plastic is twice as thick as other ABS carts on the market, offering double the durability and better longevity overall. Unlike lesser PVC carts, this material won’t crack, warp, or discolor over time, even in the most demanding of institutional settings. Rustproof and water-resistant, you’ll never have to worry about erosion, like you might with metal carts.

Indoor carts feature four 3”dia swivel casters for easy mobility and handling in and out of cramped storage spaces and through narrow doorways. Casters lock for safety. For All-Terrain carts, two 10”dia all-terrain wheels and two 6”dia swivel casters work together to offer superior handling and unparalleled control on rougher outdoor surfaces, including over curbs and on gravel.

Magnus™ KidKart™ Storage Cart Options

Magnus™ KidKart™ Storage Carts are available in 2 sizes.

  • Indoor, 60-1/2”L x 19-1/2”W x 52-1/2”H, 48 lb
  • All-Terrain, 64-1/2”L x 26-1/4”W x 56-1/4”H, 58 lb