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Rainbow® Cadet™ Stand-Up Bags

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These bags quickly pop open and stand at attention, ready for duty!

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Instantly create accommodating storage for any of your activity balls and turn cleanup into a game! These large mesh standing bags for storage are accommodating and easy to use, with the potential to incorporate them into PE class games. Strong construction makes them ideal for institutional settings and 6 Rainbow® colors offer endless possibilities for organization.


  • Small gauge polyester mesh (bag) and canvas (bottom) construction.
  • Ventilated construction prevents moisture buildup.
  • Two top handles for quick pickup and movement, shoulder strap for transport.
  • Fade, moisture, and shrink resistant.
  • Multipurpose uses for storage and activities.

Quick and Effective Storage

As soon as it’s removed from its protective sleeve, this bag will pop up into form thanks to a concealed wire construction. Once open, the canvas bottom provides a base that’s strong and supportive, allowing you to start piling in balls for quick storage! Or, if you’re unpacking, the bag can be tipped over via its 2 top handles, the balls dispersed, and the bag quickly collapsed back into the sleeve. Sling the compartmentalized bag over your shoulder and be on your way!

The quickness of this storage solution is only increased by its polyester mesh construction, which allows the bag to remain see-through—aside from its obvious color tint—so balls can be easily identified. The design also induces airflow that quickly dries out the bag itself and any balls within it to prevent mildew from forming after a morning on the dewy practice field.

Available in 3 sizes, these bags accommodate a myriad of different ball types. Large sizes can easily accommodate 24 official basketballs, making these the largest size mesh bags for storage we offer.

Color Coordination

Teach organization and delegate cleanup responsibilities to your students with ease thanks to the Rainbow® color options available. Have students put basketballs in the green bag, volleyballs in the blue bag, and soccer balls in the red bag to keep everything organized for the next class to use them. And, thanks to the freestanding design of the bags, you can even make a game out of cleanup!

Colors also mean these bags are easily incorporated into other activities. Set up bags at a distance and have students aim Frisbee throws and beanbag tosses at them—red is worth 2 points, green is worth 4, purple is worth 10, etc. Their multi-use capabilities are limitless, making them a cost-effective way to enhance virtually any PE unit.

Rainbow® Cadet™ Stand-Up Bag Options

Rainbow® Cadet™ Stand-Up Bags are available in Rainbow® Sets, in 3 sizes.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large