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Rainbow® DuraBag™ Duffels

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Our best mesh duffel bags feature durable Cordura® nylon!

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Get all the benefits of a traditional duffel bag, with the added convenience of lightweight, durable materials! These large mesh storage bags work great for transporting activity balls of all types to both indoor and outdoor play areas, and can be used for quick storage and recognition thanks to their vibrant Rainbow® colors!


  • Small gauge polyester mesh (top) and Cordura® nylon (bottom) construction.
  • Flexible rubber hand straps and pivoting shoulder strap.
  • Ventilated construction prevents moisture buildups.
  • Velcro® closure.
  • Fade, moisture, and shrink resistant.
  • Washer and dryer safe.

Superior Ball Protection

These duffels provide a sound construction for transport, storage, and general containment for activity balls of all types. The non-abrasive polyester mesh and Cordura® nylon materials won’t mar balls while they shift around, keeping even your high-end varsity and game balls in pristine condition between uses. Plus, the nylon provides a safe foundation for when the duffel is placed on the ground.

The mesh face of these duffels promotes great airflow to the entirety of the bag, meaning even balls that are put in wet will be air-dried quickly. This prevents mildew from forming after balls are placed in storage, ensuring they’re ready to go right out of the bag next time. The bag itself is also moisture-resistant and designed to prevent shrinking when wet. Colors are UV resistant as well.

Incredibly lightweight, so as to not add extra heft to full bags, the tensile strength of these duffels is superior. Hand and shoulder straps are conveniently placed and securely stitched to the bag for quick handling, while a zipper enclosure ensures the bag and any balls within it are secure at all times while being handled.

Color Coordination

A complete array of Rainbow® colors adds a fundamental component of organization to these duffels and helps to facilitate quicker setup and storage times. By placing balls in duffels by color, teachers are able to instantly recognize where certain balls are housed, even amongst crowded storage closets and sheds. Students can also be taught to organize and clean up by way of color recognition.

Rainbow® DuraBag™ Duffel Options

Rainbow® DuraBag™ Duffels are available in Rainbow® Sets or individually in 3 sizes.

  • Rainbow® Sets of 6
    • Large, 30”L x 15”W
    • XL, 36”L w x 15”W
    • XXL, 48”L w x 15”W
  • Individual Duffels
    • Large
    • XL
    • XXL
  • Individual Colors
    • Red
    • Blue
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