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Rainbow® DuraBagPlus™ Mesh Bags

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Tough combination of nylon and mesh for bulky equipment.

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An adjustable strap and half Cordura® Nylon construction make it easy to pack up balls, pick up this bag, and carry everything to the activity destination. Durable small and large towable mesh storage bags stand up to indoor and outdoor use, in wet and dry conditions, protecting both the integrity of the bags and the equipment contained within them. Rainbow® colors and open mesh design make identifying equipment quick and easy.


  • Small gauge polyester mesh and Cordura® Nylon construction.
  • Removable and adjustable Cordura® Nylon strap with rubber shoulder pad.
  • Ventilated construction prevents moisture buildups.
  • Cord closure and sliding lock.
  • Fade, moisture, and shrink resistant.
  • Washer and dryer safe.

Strong and Resilient

The half-polyester mesh, half-Cordura® Nylon construction of these bags makes them a top-tier option for transporting activity balls to and from your activity locations. Nylon is tough enough to stand up to being laid out on cement, gym floors, sand, and grass, without allowing these surfaces to take a toll on the structure of the bag itself. Cordura® Nylon is also malleable, accommodating balls on uneven surfaces to prevent straining.

Polyester mesh provides its own degree of tensile strength and accommodation when housing activity balls. The open-weave construction also promotes good airflow, which is conducive to keeping the bag moisture-free, preventing mildew and other moisture-related concerns.

Rainbow® DuraBag™ Mesh Bags feature an adjustable or removable strap, easing the burden of transport. Two clips quickly secure to the bag, with a nylon strip sewn in place to bear the load of a full bag.

Easy Identification

Bright Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to quickly organize their activity balls, cutting down on prep time for classes and focusing on playtime for students. Store basketballs in the red bag, volleyballs in the blue bag, or footballs in the purple bag—identification is made easy thanks to the association of the color and the see-through nature of the polyester mesh portion of the bag.

Three sizes also make it easy for teachers to plan accordingly for different units and class sizes. Large mesh storage bags can accommodate 10 volleyballs or 6 basketballs; XL bags can house 16 volleyballs or 10 basketballs; and XXL bags hold 23 volleyballs and 16 basketballs.

Rainbow® DuraBag™ Mesh Bag Options

Rainbow® DuraBag™ Mesh Bags are available in Rainbow® Sets, in 3 sizes.

  • Large, 36”L x 24”W
  • XL, 40”L x 30”W
  • XXL, 45”L x 36”W
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