Rubbermaid® Brute™ Containers

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Tough institutional-quality Rubbermaid tote for whatever you've got to store.

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Four sizes of Rubbermaid® storage bins hold just about anything your class needs to have fun! Rolling Square bins are great for quick transportation and storage for activity balls, while Round bins are great for sticks and game accessories. Extreme durability make these bins great for both indoor and outdoor use in imitational situations.

Rolling Square Containers

Made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the resilience of Rubbermaid® rolling square containers is second to none in the face of institutional demands. UV resistant, strong against warping, and able to withstand rough wear over time, these bins apply Dur-x™ technology to activity ball storage in a targeted approach to longevity.

A hinged top provides quick opening and closing of bins for easy access and safe storage, also locking in place when open to prevent flapping. At their base, molded-in axel retainers continue to add strength, alongside molded-in lifts that promote even weight distribution and added stability.

50-gallon bins feature 2 heavy-duty 8” wheels, while 95-gallon bins rely on 2 superior 10” wheels. Inset wheels prevent marring when maneuvered through tight doorways and cramped storage spaces. A molded-in footer helps to quickly tip containers back onto their wheels for easy transport.

Thanks to the large 55- and 95-gallon capacities of these Rubbermaid® storage containers, it’s easy to house activity balls enough for your entire class.

Round Containers

A proprietary design featuring supremely resilient, UV-resistant materials ensures these bins will never warp, fade, crush, or otherwise compromise over time. Reinforced bottoms also ensure the composure of bins as they’re dragged and shifted, even on rugged outdoor terrain. An overall seamless construction provides encompassing durability from top to bottom and increased strength, due to the absence of potential stress points.

Ergonomic handles on each side makes lifting, dragging, or pushing containers easy. Handles can quickly and securely be gripped by one or more persons to dump the contents of the bin out for easy access, or conversely, to load the container onto or off of a rolling base.

Round containers are the epitome of space saving, both for activity equipment storage and storage of the bins themselves. 44- and 55-gallon options accommodate activity balls or a vast array of loose equipment—especially bats, hockey sticks, and lacrosse sticks—creating a space-saving solution that’s compact and space-efficient. When bins aren’t in use, they quickly nest within each other to utilize the vertical and conserve precious floor space in storage closets.

Rolling Bases

Outfitted with 5 non-marring swivel casters that provide agility, mobility, and maneuverability to any bin atop them, rolling bases are designed to be used with Rubbermaid® Round Containers, creating an easy solution to transporting bins. With a 250 lb capacity and a locking feature that secures bins directly to the base, transporting even a full load is made safe and easy.

Rubbermaid® Brute™ Container Options

Rubbermaid® Brute™ Containers are available in rolling square and round varieties, in two sizes.

  • Rolling Square Containers
    • 50-gallon, Gray, 26-1/4”L x 22-3/4”W x 37”H
    • 95-gallon, Gray, 36”L x 28”W x 46”H
  • Round Containers
    • 44-gallon, Yellow, 24” dia x 31-1/2”H
    • 55-gallon, Gray, 26-1/2” dia x 33”H
  • Rolling Base. 250 lb capacity.