Sterilite® Totes

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Impact-resistant and easy to lift plastic tote for routine use.

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Multipurpose storage totes provide a universal solution to your storage needs, helping you compartmentalize storage closets and sheds for improved space utilization. Bins are also easily transported to activity areas and are resilient enough to meet institutional demands!

Compartmentalized Storage

If you have limited floor, these storage totes help you utilize available vertical space! Deep recessed lids create an easy and safely stackable design, giving you the power to bring uniformity to your storage sheds and closets. 2 sizes—18- and 25-gallons—meet the unique demands of your equipment storage needs, it’s never been easier to round up your loose equipment!

Totes are also a great way to turn your storage solutions into transportation solutions. By organizing equipment in totes—such as putting all of your baseball equipment into a single tote—you’re able to quickly grab that bin and go! This means less time rounding up materials and more time spent planning your lesson or more activity time for students to enjoy themselves.

Institutional Durability

Designed with stacking in mind, crush resistance is a premier trait of these bins that puts them far above comparable models. Storage capacities of 25 and 50 lb mean they can hold a diverse amount of equipment without endangering the form or function of units below them when stacked.

Channeled walls provide the most support for bins when it comes to retaining their shape and resisting warping, however a temperature resistant material that’s also UV resistant lends additional durability. No matter where they’re stored or set up, Sterilite® totes are ready to stand strong against the everyday demands of an institutional setting.

Sterilite® Tote Options

Sterilite® Totes are available in 2 sizes.

  • 18-Gallon, 23”L x 17”W x 17”H, 6 lb
  • 25-Gallon, 27”L x 19”W x 17”H, 8 lb