Titan® Compact Ball Cart

Make the most of your space and ball storage with the most compact, fastest-unloading ball cart!


Get the best of both worlds when it comes to accommodation and durability—this playground ball storage cart is compact and accessible! Designed with durability in mind, institutional settings will benefit tremendously from its superior construction. Safe for all students to use, it fits everything you need to get the whole class involved.


  • 1-1/4” dia steel tubing construction
  • Powder coated for extra protection
  • U-shaped handles on both ends of cart
  • Holds up to 23 official basketballs
  • Compact design. Measures 28”L x 26”W x 47-1/4”H; 40 lb
  • Features tamper-proof lock

Compact, Accessible Design

Designed to fit snugly in PE storage closets and sheds, while remaining maneuverable through doorways, this cart is ideal for mobile playground equipment storage. The compact design measures 28”L x 26”W x 47-1/4”H, enabling it to hold up to 23 official basketballs without requiring oversized dimensions that can cut into your storage and activity spaces.

In addition to being compact, a cage-style construction allows students to quickly spot the ball they want within mixed lots and slide it up to the opening by simply putting their hand through the bars. Because the cart is only 47-1/4”H, it’s a short trip from storage to playtime! Self-serve means teachers won’t need to stand by and pass out balls manually.

When playtime is over, a tamper-proof lock provides teachers with peace of mind that balls are safe and sound. Or, instead of policing the cart during class, teachers can quickly lock it and spend their time helping students master the day’s activities.

Safety-Centric Features

Despite a hefty construction, safety is present in all facets of these basketball carts, starting from the top down. The pressure-sensitive lid will stay open at any angle for as long as you need it to. This prevents students from bumping their heads or pinching their fingers as they grab a ball.

There are no exposed screws or bolts across the entire frame of the cart, eliminating any accidents that might be caused when students bump into these protruding components. On the flip side, any balls stored within won’t be subject to poking or prodding that can damage them either

Colossal Durability

Weighing a total of 40 lb and designed with 1-1/4”dia tubular steel from top to bottom, durability is never a question—even in the face of heavy, consistent institutional use. Powder coating serves to add a resilient finish to the entire construction, staving off any blemishes that can occur from bumping, as well as any concerns of rust or corrosion over time.

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