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UltraCart® Max Side-Empty™ Carts

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Our largest basketball carts for schools can be filled to the Max!

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The largest and most accommodating option for all of your class’ activity balls! Fill these carts to the brim with any types of balls and quickly transport them to your activity area in a group, to make accessibility and storage easy. Built with durability in mind, they’ll easily stand up to institutional wear and tear over the long term.


  • 1-1/4” dia steel tubing and wired mesh construction
  • Powder coated for extra protection
  • Features two 12”dia all-terrain wheels and two 4”dia swivel casters
  • Our largest ball cart! Single stores 56 basketballs; Double-Decker stores 112 basketballs
  • Assembly required

Incredible Capacity

With capacity to hold up to 56 or 112 basketballs (depending on the size), you’ll never be at a loss for activity ball storage ever again. The Single cart option features 2 compartments for easy organization of balls, while the Double-Decker option features 4 total compartments. This allows teachers to quickly organize different types of balls, to ensure they have exactly what they need for class.

Because of its sheer size, you can use this cart as both a storage and activity cart at the same time. As an example: basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs can all be stored simultaneously and wheeled out into the gym, even if your students are only practicing basketball drills for the day.

Easy Maneuvering and Accessibility

Two 4” dia swivel casters and two 12”dia all-terrain wheels make it extremely easy to move our biggest basketball carts! The swivel casters function at any angle to promote quick steering and easy turning, while the larger wheels are capable of navigating rougher surfaces with minimal interference. A U-shaped push handle on one side allows for easy steering and maximum control.

When parked, the balls within this cart are quickly grabbed up by students via a side-entry design. The 65”L panel offers access to balls contained within, quickly unhinging from the frame to drop down and release the cargo. Students standing on the other side of the cart also have the ability to reach in via the open top to snag a ball.

Built to Last

Comprised of a 1-1/4” dia steel frame, with complementing wire mesh for the ball baskets, you’d be hard pressed to find a more resilient option for playground ball storage. The frame won’t bend, dent, or break thanks to additional welding at key support junctions. Also lending resilience is a powder coated finish, which protects the metal from rusting, erosion, and marring.

Enclosed bolting means there are no protruding components of the cart that might cause injury to the pusher or harm to the balls.

UltraCart® Max Side-Empty™ Cart Options

UltraCart® Max Side-Empty™ Carts are available in 2 sizes. Truck delivery.

  • Single, 66”L x 32”W x 49”H, 55 lb
  • Double-Decker, 70”L x 33”W x 88-1/2”H, 112 lb