VersaBag™ BackSack™

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Keep your hands free while carrying activity balls to the playing field with this ball storage backpack.

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Sling these large mesh storage bags over your shoulder for a hands-free approach to toting balls to and from your activity area. Mesh construction makes it easy to identify the contents of the VersaBag™ BackSack™, while keeping the entire pack lightweight. It’s large enough to haul up to 8 official basketballs in the XL size!


  • Small gauge polyester mesh construction.
  • Adjustable Nylon hand and shoulder straps, with rubber pads.
  • Ventilated construction prevents moisture buildups.
  • Secure zipper closure.
  • Fade, moisture, and shrink resistant.

Hands-Free Ball Transportation

Instead of potentially dragging a towable mesh storage bag across the ground or lugging a shifting bag of balls to and from an activity location, lift the VersaBag™ BackSack™ onto your back and get moving! This mesh backpack-style ball bag leaves your hands free to carry other materials that might be essential for setting up the day’s activities, including cones or a clipboard for scoring.

Two padded shoulder straps can be quickly adjusted for weight distribution, to fit the person carrying the balls. Accommodating and comfortable pads also work to alleviate tension and stop the straps from cutting into the skin. A third strap is conveniently positioned at the top of the bag, used to quickly pick it up if the trip is short.

Durable Design

Polyester mesh offers the perfect marriage of durability and flexibility when it comes to carrying balls. The overall structure of these large mesh storage bags works to keep balls secure during transport, however it freely accommodates the shape and size of numerous ball types, including basketballs, volleyballs, footballs and more. This non-marring material won’t harm balls either, making it perfect for game balls and varsity equipment!

The open-weave nature of the material provides some transparency to see what’s contained inside, but its primary purpose is to encourage airflow through the bag to eliminate moisture buildups that can lead to mildew. This bag is perfect for both indoor and outdoor conditions, even when it’s wet. UV resistance protects the Rainbow® colors of the material throughout the life of the bag.

Thanks to strategically-placed nylon straps on the bottom, front, and back, you’ll never have to worry about this bag tearing at the seams or compromising on lengthy journeys from the storage shed to the practice field. A secure zipper construction also keeps all balls contained.

VersaBag™ BackSack™ Options

VersaBag™ BackSack™ is available in Rainbow® Sets. Also available individually in large in 2 colors.

  • Rainbow® Sets of 6
    • Large, 24”L x 24”W
    • XL, 26”L x 30”W
  • Individual Bags, Large
    • Large, Red
    • XL, Blue
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