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Pealess Whistles
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Megaphone Bag

Mikasa® WH-5 Professional Volleyball Whistle
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Shop Gopher Sport’s expansive collection of sport whistles for classes and team sports!

To command attention during classes and scrimmages, physical education teachers and coaches need the right tools to control the action. Gopher carries an assortment of referee whistles for stopping and starting the game. From a classic pea-style coaches whistle to state-of-the-art electronic options, choose the one that is right for your class or team needs.

Hand-held whistles, including signal horns, promote germ-free use while still directing activity. Highly durable and versatile lanyards secure to any whistle for one-size-fits-all convenience. Some whistles come in bright colors, making them great for increased visibility and team coordination.

Purchase whistles from Gopher and set the tone in the gymnasium, on the field, or in the rec center.