Electronic Whistles

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Handheld whistles offer the sound of a whistle, at the push of a button!

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Stop the game and make your refereeing easier with just the press of a button thanks to these handheld electronic whistles. They’re easy enough for anyone to use, germ-free in operation, and they provide consistent reliability up to 1,000 blasts per battery change, no matter the setting.

Instantaneous Use

These hand-operated whistles make it easy to referee with just the press of a button! The tone is always loud, consistent, and recognizable, allowing refs to make the call quickly. No matter if you’re out of breath from keeping up with the players or the crowd is roaring loudly, it’s easy to press a button and know all eyes are on you.

Perfect Tone

Available in 3 distinct models, these electronic whistles offer a tailored option to your refereeing needs. The single-tone orange whistle operates at 105 dB for a tone that’s instantly recognizable and easily heard by players. The 3-tone gray can project three unique noises at 105 dB to help control gameplay based on specific actions or instances. Finally, the premium 3-tone red option provides all the versatility of multiple tones at a 125 dB range, making it great for larger events.

Comparatively, a car horn operates at 110 dB, making any of these electronic whistles more than ideal for getting the attention of players, coaches, and fans at any sporting event! Fox whistles utilize a 9v battery; Windsor whistles utilize a set of AAA batteries.

Sanitary Design

Because you never need to put this hand-operated whistle to your mouth to generate a sound, there’s an inherently lower risk of transferring germs and illness from person to person. A secure wrist strap also keeps it firmly fastened in place while you keep pace with the game, preventing it from dropping on the ground.

Constructed with heavy-duty plastic and featuring a TPR overlay, you’ll have no trouble gripping this electronic whistle, even with sweaty palms. The durable construction is also easy to clean and sanitize, making it perfect for institutional use.

Electronic Whistle Options

Electronic Whistles are available in 3 varieties.

  • Windsor Single-Tone, Orange
  • Windsor3-Tone, Gray
  • Fox Premium 3-Tone, Red