Pea-Style Whistles

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Choose from 3 pea-style, official referee's whistles.

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When you need to get the attention of everyone in a way that’s undeniably familiar, these pea whistles will get the job done. Choose from 3 styles that feature unique construction, pea material, and tone to deliver the most applicable sound to your event. Pea whistles are easy enough for anyone to use and cover a variety of situations, from sports and activities to warning signals and start/stop functions.

Versatile Options

Designed with simplicity and pure functionality in mind, Bakelite® Whistles provide consistency through their plastic construction and cork peas. These whistles emit a tone that’s instantly recognizable in any scenario and thanks to their non-intimidating, lightweight construction, can be used by virtually anyone.

Acme® Thunderer 660 whistles are designed with simplicity in mind. The lightweight plastic construction and cork pea material make blowing into them and emitting a tone easy—especially for younger kids, out of breath referees, and anyone else who may strain themselves blowing heartily for attention.

The nickel-plated brass of the Acme® Thunderer 60-1/2 makes it the shrillest tone when blown, lending itself to situations that require an unmistakable call for attention. The pea causes the tone to be erratic, creating intonations that will cut through all other noises.

Durable Design

The plastic construction of the Bakelite® and Acme® Thunderer 660 whistles make them a sustainable choice for institutions that will put them through their paces. Cork peas are resistant to moisture and will work to keep the interior of the whistle free and clear of debris, including moisture that might cause the pea to become stuck. Nickel-plated brass reigns supreme in terms of durability and makes the Acme® Thunderer 60-1/2 a frontrunner for longevity.

Multifaceted Uses

Pea whistles offer a variable tone that’s emitted when the pea rattles around within the confines of the whistle, creating intonations that stand out against ambient and background noise. As a result, pea-style whistles can be used just about anywhere, including sporting events, PE classes, activity settings, and beyond.

Pea-Style Whistle Options

Pea-Style Whistles are available in 4 varieties.

  • Bakelite® Whistle
  • Acme® Thunderer 660
  • Acme® Thunderer 60-1/2