Pealess Whistles

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Choose from 3 pealess official referee's whistles.

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Designed to cut through all other noises, these pealess whistles come in 3 varieties that are ideal for a range of activities and environments, both indoor and out. A single-piece ABS plastic construction means they can’t be overblown and are durable enough to stand up to heavy use in fast-paced situations. They’re the perfect whistles for scrimmages, practices, and games—a versatile option for any state of play.

Versatile Options

Not all gameplay and activity situations are the same and 3 distinct options make choosing the right pealess whistle easy!

Fox 40® Pearl whistles for crowd noise are designed with a 2-chamber construction, giving them a deeper tone that’s distinct and resonating. This 90 dB blast will grow in strength the harder you blow, yet won’t produce any of the piercing shrieks that traditional whistles will. Also available with a padded finger grip, this whistle can be held at the ready without it hanging freely around the neck or clenched between the teeth.

Acme® Tornado® whistles feature a unique 3-chamber design that produces an ultra-shrill tone that will rise above all other noises. This whistle is ideal for larger crowds and more prolific activity settings.

Durable Design

Because these whistles are pealess, there’s no need to worry about overblowing them—in fact, the harder you blow, the louder the tone! The single-piece design also functions in virtually any conditions, from the extreme cold to wet environments and beyond. Use them indoors or out for consistently reliable alerts.

Because blowing into these whistles also voids their chambers of air, they’re also self-cleaning. Any saliva, dirt, dust, or other debris will be ejected with each use and for any persistent buildups, the whistle can be dropped into water and quickly cleansed.

Pealess Whistle Options

Pealess Whistles are available in 3 varieties.

  • Fox 40® Pearl
  • Fox 40® Pearl w/ Fingergrip
  • Acme® Tornado®