Rainbow® EZTweet™ Hand Whistle


Hand-held whistle allows for multiple users!

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Thanks to their non-intimidating, easy-to-use design, this simple set of 6 whistles are ideal for all ages and events. By squeezing the base gently, a high-pitch tone is emitted from these hand whistles, accomplishing the same function as a traditionally blown whistle. The handheld design ensures germ-free use each and every time.

Simple to Use

Grip and squeeze to produce a whistle-pitch tone: it’s as easy as that! Students of all ages will have no trouble using these hand whistles and thanks to their consistency, they’ll produce a quality tone no matter who’s squeezing them. As soon as it’s released, EZTweet™ will instantly re-inflate, allowing for rapid signaling just like tonguing or puffing on a traditional whistle.

Thanks to a soft vinyl texture, these whistles are comfortable to the touch, with grooves to improve grip and handling. The larger size and vibrant Rainbow® colors give off a non-intimidating feel for students who might otherwise be startled by the sound of traditional whistles.

Sanitary Design

Traditional whistles can be passed from person to person and mouth to mouth with a huge risk of spreading germs. Because you don’t blow these whistles, there’s no risk of spreading germs from user to user. Plus, the vinyl texture is easy to wipe down, with no adverse effect to the interior whistling mechanism. Attach a lanyard for added security to ensure they never touch the ground!