Rainbow® Resonator™ Pealess Whistles

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Produces a consistent sound that resounds above other noise!

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The bright, bold hues of these colored whistles makes them instantly recognizable and great for organization. Their pealess design and single-piece ABS-plastic construction lends durability to their form and function, to ensure they’re continually able to produce an attention-grabbing tone. Use them indoors or out, no matter the event or activity!

Numerous Color Options

Our widest assortment of whistle color options, there’s opportunity for organization, designation, and recognition when using any of the Rainbow® or Screamin’ colors.

Rainbow® colors are vibrant and varied, giving teachers and event organizers the ability to coordinate teams, events, and actions instantly. Unique colors also helps prevent the spread of germs—specific hues can be given to specific individuals, ensuring they’re the only one to use that whistle.

Screamin’ colors are extremely bright and easy to see, even from a great distance. This instant recognition can help students, players, and participants distinguish referees and coordinators at a distance as they look for the source of the whistle sound. The bright colors also help when the need to locate a misplaced whistle arises.

Durable Construction

Made with ABS, these whistles won’t crack, dent, chip, or blemish after years of heavy wear and tear. They’re designed to be used anywhere the action is—whether indoors or out—to provide consistent function in any conditions. The plastic construction will also hold up in wet environments where other metal whistles may falter. Because these multicolor whistles are pealess, there’s no worry of overblowing them or of the pea jamming.

Each of these whistles can be paired with a lanyard to help enhance their functionality and improve the life of the whistle itself. Lanyards provide security in case the whistle is accidently dropped, allowing it to hang freely without touching the ground.

Multifaceted Uses

Pealess whistles offer superior functionality in every environment, making them applicable for a wide array of activities, events, or functions. Use them to call for a stop above the roar of the crowd at a sporting event, get the attention of students in PE class instantly, or signal a start/stop for an activity when focus is ever-changing. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, these whistles will blow consistently and clearly at all times.

Rainbow® Resonator™ Pealess Whistle Options

Rainbow® Resonator™ Pealess Whistles are available in Rainbow® or Rainbow® Plus Sets (with or without lanyards), in Screamin’ Color Sets, or Individually.

Rainbow® Sets. Include 6 whistles, 1 of each color.

  • Whistles,
  • Whistles w/ Lanyards

Rainbow® Plus Sets. Include 8 whistles, 1 of each color plus a black and white.

  • Whistles,
  • Whistles w/ Lanyards

Screamin’ Color Sets. Include 6 whistles.

  • Screamin’ Green®
  • Screamin’ Orange®
  • Screamin’ Yellow®

Individual Whistles

  • Black