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Shop for handheld whistles from Gopher Sport for PE classes, referees, and coaches!

Command attention, while also preventing the spread of germs, with handheld horns and whistles. Unlike standard whistles, users do not blow into these. They simply squeeze them or push a button to make sound.

Students, coaches, and PE teachers alike will enjoy the simplicity of our squeezable whistles. Just squeeze the base of the easy-to-use design to produce a whistle-like tone that will be heard across the gym or field.

Electronic whistles make it easy to referee a game or assemble students with just the press of a button. They are available with a single tone that’s instantly recognizable, or a in a 3-tone model to indicate a game change associated with a particular tone.

Need to be heard from a longer distance? A high-powered air horn produces a signal that can be heard up to 1/2 mile away, making it an excellent choice during track meets or football games.

Stop the spread of germs when you buy handheld whistles from Gopher!

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